Christina Banks

Christina Banks

My Background

I grew up in Germany and studied in England, Spain and France.

In the mid 1970’s when I moved to Florida and was looking for a place to live my than husband wanted to buy a home right away. We could not qualify for a mortgage since I had no job and my husband just started one.

Nevertheless we kept looking and found a cute place for $16,000.00 in a desirable neighborhood with the owner/seller willing to hold the mortgage for us. I was fascinated by the process of looking for homes and working towards homeownership and started to go to college to take classes towards my Realtor license. Once I passed the test I affiliated with Realtek Real Estate in West Palm Beach.

At that time we still had big bulky MLS books showing every home listed for sale in the area. No computers or Social Media, no apps or or MLS streaming of listings, how did we do it? LOL Remember 1978, when interest rates started to climb from 9% to 11%, 12% and up to 16.5% in 1981. Not much real estate changed hand during those times. I was glad when I was offered full time employment as a mortgage processor in 1982. I remained in mortgage financing and construction financing until 2010 when it seemed time for a change.

Different careers and employment came to mind but Real Estate is the most interesting, diverse and flexible career for my personality. There is always something new to learn, someone new to meet, another property to get to see. It is very rewarding to see the smiles on buyer’s faces when they receive the keys to their new home after the closing, or the seller thanking you after all the paperwork is done and they have received their check from the sale of their property. That is great and I love to be part of it.

My Credentials

With over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage and real estate related industries; I have been able to help many clients achieve their dream of home ownership. Adapting to present market conditions and using all modern tools available, I can assist buyers and sellers with perfect service.

My Philosophy

It is who you know and what you know and how you apply your knowledge, which gives results.

My Awards

In 2006 I achieved President’s Circle at CTX Mortgage closing about $24,000,000 in loan amounts.

Want To Find Your Next Home?

All you need to do is contact me! I will be happy to answer your real estate questions!