Ensuring Curb Appeal Before You List Your Home

1. Clean Up!
Take your most scrutinizing self and walk all around to see what needs cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Your driveway may need a pressure wash, Also, be sure to kill any unwelcome vegetation that sprouting through the cracks in your driveway or sidewalks. Look over your mailbox to make sure it’s clean, doesn’t have peeling paint, and matches the look of the house. You’ll also want to replace rusted light fixtures or door hardware and paint or update porch railings.

2. Add a Wreath
Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Spring and fall wreaths are growing in popularity and this festive seasonal decor adds a splash of color to your entry.

3. Spruce Up Your Landscaping
This means a little bit more than making sure your lawn has been mowed! You’ll also want to trim bushes, weed flower beds, and, if your landscaping beds use it, put down new mulch. The brighter look of fresh mulch over faded can really make your yard pop! If you have planters by your door, plant a bright seasonal flower.

Of course, all of this is assuming your front yard is already landscaped. If not, consider investing a few hundred dollars in plants to create a more visually pleasing entry through new beds or creating a container garden on the porch.

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4. Check Your Gutters
If your home has an older gutter system, odds are it’s also suffering from peeling paint, rust spots, or other problems that can convey a sense of neglect. Consider replacing old systems with newer, snap-fit vinyl gutter systems that go together with few tools and require no painting. You may also want to consider copper systems. While pricier, this look conveys unmistakable quality and greatly adds to pretty curb appeal.

5. And the Roof!
Make sure you don’t have any missing shingles. Also, if your roof has run-off stains it may look older and more worn than it really is. Consider having it professionally cleaned.

Buyers often make choices on emotions, so creating curb appeal is a must for getting buyers to fall in love with your property. If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, potential homebuyers will be eager and excited to see what’s inside.