Sewall’s Point Real Estate

The Town of Sewall’s Point is a unique 3.5 mile long peninsula located between the St Lucie and Indian Rivers.

It was named for Henry Sewall who arrived with his wife in 1889 & gave a permanent name to the peninsula. He owned a point of the peninsula where he established his home on the river bank and a post office in 1891.

His dock jutted out into the water where the St Lucie and Indian Rivers met. Folks traveling both north and south stopped at his dock.

Today, Sewall’s Point has a town commission form of government & all town operations are located in the town hall.

Sewall’s Point Real Estate
Sewall’s Point

The town is comprised of 780 acres, 766 acres of which are designated for single family use.

The southernmost tip, called ‘High Point’ lies approximately 2 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean.

Because of the amount of waterfront, many of Sewall’s Point homes are exclusive waterfront properties costing millions of dollars. The ‘dry’ properties on the interior streets start around $400,000 and meet the low end of the waterfront properties at about $1,000,000.

It is one of the treasure coasts most desirable residential areas due to its location.

Sewall’s Point is connected to Stuart by the Evans Crary Bridge and another bridge to the east over to Hutchinson Island. The north end of Sewall’s Point connects to Jensen Beach.

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