Six Open House Dos and Don’ts To Help You Plan a Great Event

‘Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice, right? So here’s a list to keep in mind for any holiday open houses you may have planned.

Six Open House Dos and Don'ts To Help You Plan a Great Event

1. Do promote, promote, promote!
On Facebook: post the open house information with a link to the listing. If you have a separate realtor page, post it there, but share on your personal profile as well. Consider asking a few friends directly (via private message) if they will also share.
Post to twitter and be sure to include the right hashtags (#openhouse #stuart (or wherever your listing maybe)
Add to Craiglist.
Create a flier and post in areas near your listing.
Talk it up to fellow realtors!

2. Don’t plant you signs in or near a fire anthill!
#thingsyoulearnthehardway And that’s enough said about that!

3. Do wear comfortable shoes.
After you’ve trudged around posting signs, you’ll be on your feet hosting and touring (because you’ve promoted so well) and then it’s back to pick up those signs. Be kind to your feet.

4. Don’t put helium in your balloons the night before.
Droopy balloons are sad; have balloons filled as close to the event time as possible.

5. Do bring coffee AND stirrers AND filters AND sweeteners AND creamer.
In other words, if you simply write “Pick up coffee” on that to-do list, you’re still likely to forget something.

And while we’re talking about refreshments…

6. Do consider featuring a local business in your snack menu.
Has a new cupcake shop opened near your listing? Ask if they’ll cut you a deal if you also set out their cards. This supports local businesses while also providing a great talking point at the open house (So many great places in this area!)

Now get planning and get selling!